The Finnish Data Processing Museum Association was founded in 1985. The originator of the Association is Mr. Ilari Taulio who started to collect the material in his own premises in the 1970s.


Despite the fact that the city of Jyväskylä takes care part of the costs of the premises, the Association needs also funding for its actual activities (transportation, showcases and other exhibition equipment, tools, production of photographs, etc.). These funds are covered by membership fees and different kind of allowances.

You can also support our work by joining the Association. The membership fee for year 2018 is 10€ for private persons and 100€ for company members.

The name and address of the person must be written in the payment form.

The bank account for the Association is: 529033-436070 (K-S Op)


The collection today consists of 600 computers, post processing devices and maintenance devices. The collection includes also 250 books. All devices in the collection have been donated by companies and private persons. The collection is located in Vaajakoski, Varikkotie 89, Jyväskylä.

The active members of the Association do all the work as voluntary work. The work is i.e. maintaining the stock, unloading the machines, putting devices in order for exhibition, building showcases, etc.

If you are interested in working in the Association you are welcome to join us any Thursday at 10 am in address:

Varikkotie 89, Vaajakoski.


Name: E-mail: Phone:
Museum museo(at) If copying replace (at) @
Mauno Poikonen 050 570 5811
Timo Niinistö 050 436 3051
Terho Kaunismäki 040 511 7888

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